Just like your hometown, Rutgers–New Brunswick has various types of residences: traditional first-year residence halls, suite-style living, apartments, and special living options. All residence halls are centrally located in five campus neighborhoods so that you can conveniently reach your classes, social activities, and friends. Browse housing options by campus.

Dorm Room

First-Year Student Housing

As a first-year student, you'll reside in a traditional residence hall with other students who are experiencing Rutgers, and college, for the first time. First-year students may also select from special living options featuring social events, study groups, and academic programming for targeted interests.

Transfer Student Housing

Transfer students are housed with other transfer and continuing students in communities designed for those who already have some college experience. Transfers can also request apartment or suite living options that provide additional privacy and freedom without sacrificing security and convenience.

Safety on Campus

Living on campus is safe. Residence Life professionals, the Rutgers University Police Department, and advanced security and fire suppression systems work 24/7 to protect you. Visit the Rutgers University Police Department for more information.


Rutgers Dining Services is one of the largest student dining operations in the country, operating four dining halls at Rutgers–New Brunswick and serving over 6.7 million meals annually. Dining Services operates continuously from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. weekdays in the main dining room and is available for takeout meals from 7 a.m. until midnight. Continuous service is also available on weekends with slightly shorter hours of service. Additionally, Rutgers Dining Services hosts various themed dinners and other special events during the school year. View the daily menu at each dining hall. The Healthy Dining Team encourages students to make positive eating choices.


Medical and Dietary Consideration

Dining Services will work with students who have special dietary needs to ensure a medically appropriate and nutritionally sound diet. Complete the Medical and Dietary Consideration Form and return it to the RU Express / Board Plan Office, Records Hall, Room 102, College Avenue Campus, to initiate a professional review of your nutritional and dietary concerns. You may contact the nutritionist for general nutrition questions regarding food in the campus dining halls.

Kosher Meal Option

Rutgers University dining halls are non-kosher facilities. Dining Services does provide upon request pre-packaged kosher meals at any of the dining halls. Simply contact a dining hall manager before arriving at any of the dining hall locations to request a kosher meal. Students interested in a kosher meal plan may contact Chabad House. On-campus residential students opting to purchase a Chabad House meal plan are exempt from the minimum Dining Services meal plan requirement upon verification of participation, at a certain minimum plan size, by the Rabbi. First-year residential students must sign up with at least 14 meals per week (the 210 Plan), while upperclassman residential students must sign up with at least 10 meals per week (the 150 Plan) with Chabad to be exempt from a Rutgers Dining Services meal plan.

Meal Plans

Rutgers–New Brunswick meal plans are a block plan format. This means you will select the number of meals you anticipate using for an entire semester. Meal plans may be utilized at all four dining halls and select cash (retail) operations. Meal plans for first-year students range from 285 to 210 meals. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in a residence hall may also select a 110 plan. Apartment residents, commuter students, and others living off campus may select a 75 or 50 meal plan. For more information on meal plans visit Dining Services.