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  • What is the deadline to accept my offer of admission?
    Accept your offer of admission at admissions.rutgers.edu/accept by May 1. After May 1, we cannot guarantee your space will remain available. Students admitted after April 24 have one week to accept our offer of admission.
  • If I enroll and then change my mind is my $150 admissions acceptance fee refundable?
    The $150 admissions acceptance fee is non-refundable.

Housing and Dining

  • What is the on-campus housing situation for fall and what is the deadline to apply?
    Rutgers is preparing for a full return to campus for Fall 2021! With robust plans in place to protect the safety and health of our community, our residence halls will be open and ready to welcome students to campus. At this time, all housing options will be made available for Fall 2021 including apartment, suite, and traditional halls with full occupancy. Rooms will be used at their full capacity, so all residents will have roommates, suitemates or apartment-mates. Most first-year students will be housed in traditional residence halls, in double rooms with a roommate. Transfer students may apply for double rooms, suites, or apartments. First-year and new transfer students will apply for housing in the myRutgers portal. The application is available now. The Priority Deadline for first-year students is June 7, 2021 and for transfer students is June 30, 2021. More information about 2021-2022 housing is available via go.rutgers.edu/housingupdate. We have staff available who will respond to questions about housing application and assignments via email or by phone. Please send your questions to oncampus@rutgers.edu or call 848-445-0750. Residence Life has a strong commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of our students, their families, and our staff. Please note our return-to-campus plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidelines from governmental authorities. We are excited to welcome students back to campus and will continue working to ensure proper safety protocols and procedures are in place to do so. 
  • What room types will be available for the fall?
    All housing options will be made available for Fall 2021 including apartment, suite, and traditional halls with full occupancy. Most first-year students will be housed in traditional residence halls, in double rooms with a roommate. Transfer students may apply for double rooms, suites, or apartments.   
  • Will I have a roommate?
    Yes, all beds within units will be filled so all residents will have roommates, suitemates, or apartmentmates.
  • How do I request a roommate and when can I do so?
    Every effort will be made to accommodate roommate requests, however, we cannot guarantee all requests as there may be space limitations. Both members of the roommate grouping must be apply to live on campus, and mutually request the other student. You will be able to request an apartment or suite-mate by filling in their name/information on the online application. It is also highly recommended that roommates submit their housing applications on the same date to ensure their applications are processed together. 
  • If I don't request a roommate, how am I assigned a roommate?
    Students submit their lifestyle preferences when filling out the housing application. These factors are used to best match appropriate roommates.
  • What are the rules and expectations to live in on-campus housing for fall 2021?
    In order for students to obtain their room keys, students must be in compliance with NJ State Law on health and COVID-19 specific policies regarding mandatory regular testing, guest restrictions, and face coverings have been added to our policies and 2021-2022 terms and conditions. Residents will be required to review and abide by them.
  • Are there plans to increase cleaning in public areas within the residence halls?
    Public restrooms and high touch-point areas such as elevator buttons, door handles, and handrails are being cleaned at an increased frequency. Rigorous sanitizing procedures will follow CDC and REHS guidelines. Touch points in community spaces will be minimized and physical distancing promoted by reducing seating.
  • When will I know where I am assigned?
    Assignments for new students are released the second week of August. Students receive an email directing them to a website to view their assignment and roommate information.
  • Which campus should I choose?
    We have heard from our students that they love wherever they live for various reasons. Each campus offers something different. Busch is a suburban campus with many first-year students as well as special living options related to the many science and engineering academic departments on campus. College Avenue is the most urban campus and is close to downtown New Brunswick and student-centered shopping and dining. Cook/Douglass offers a wooded landscape and is home to programs in biology, environmental studies, animal sciences, and the arts. Livingston is a suburban but rapidly growing campus with many modern amenities and brand-new spaces for hanging out with friends.
  • What dining options will be available on-campus in the fall semester?
    All four dining halls on the New Brunswick campuses will be open and fully operational for the start of the Fall 2021 semester, with indoor dining capacities determined by state and federal guidelines. In addition, there will be select retail operations available on each of the four New Brunswick campuses. Take-out options will also be available.

Housing Update 2021-2002

New Students Housing FAQ


Scholarships/Financial Aid/Term Bill

  • When will I get my term bill?
    Fall term bills are generated in mid-July after rates are approved by the Board of Governors. Rutgers will notify students when their term bills are available for review in their myRutgers portal.
  • When is my term bill due?
    The due date is included on the term bill. Term bills are typically due about three weeks after they are released. 
  • Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, the university offers a variety of payment plans. There are annual plans where you can make 8-12 payments over the course of the academic year; a summer plan that allows for 2-4 payments and a down payment; and a semester plan that offers 1-3 payments and a down payment. There is a $50 enrollment fee per semester, which is due at the time of enrollment. Payments are interest free and can be made through a personal bank account automatic withdrawal, credit card, or debit card. To review options, please go to the Student Accounting website.
  • How do I access my financial aid offer letter?
    The window to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is October 1 to June 30. If you filed the FAFSA and included Rutgers as a recipient of your financial data, you can expect to receive a financial aid package within a few weeks of your offer of admission. For fall enrollment, offers typically go out at the end of February for students who filed their FAFSAs by the Dec. 1 priority deadline. Students are emailed once their individual financial aid offer letter is ready to be viewed. Your financial aid offer letter can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website. Simply click on ‘View my Offer Letter’ to view your offer.
  • When will I know if I’m receiving a merit-based scholarship?
    • All first-year merit-based scholarship receipents have been notified.
    • Transfer students who apply by our fall application due date of February 1 and complete their applications within two weeks of the due date will automatically be considered for the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship and the L’Hommedieu Scholarship. Both awards are for students who will be graduating from a community college with an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree. The minimum grade-point average (GPA) required for consideration is 3.8, though the average student who receives an award typically has a GPA between 3.9 and 4.0. Transfer scholarship recipients will be notified via email in April for PTK and in July for L’Hommedieu.
  • What is the difference between the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounting?
    The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) processes the disbursement of need-based aid – including grants, loans and work-study employment offers – based on a student’s FAFSA. Working with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, OFA will also notify students of any merit award offers. Student Accounting, Billing and Cashier Services (Student ABC) ensures the proper billing of your account and provides professional, prompt service to assist students and families with proactive measures to help with financing education.
  • Why is the Office of Financial Aid saying I am not registered when I registered yesterday?
    The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is usually able to see updated registration for a student within 24-48 hours. OFA typically runs its packaging process weekly, so once a student is registered and has submitted all required financial aid documents, they should receive an aid offer within a week or so.
  • I received an email from Inceptia requesting personal information, is it safe to submit my documents?
    Incoming first-year and transfer students get selected at random for financial aid verification. Rutgers University has established a partnership with a company called Inceptia to expedite the federal verification process. Upon being selected for verification by the U.S Department of Education, you will receive an email from VGCS@inceptia.org, or a postcard from Inceptia, containing Rutgers University’s unique website link to create your account and start the verification process. This is not a scam. When you receive notification, we encourage you to begin the verification process within 7 days. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of dependent students will also need to create their own account and complete the required steps. You can learn more about Inceptia on our Verification page.



  • Will classes be in-person for Fall 2021?
    For Fall 2021, most classes will include an in-person component. Many will be fully face-to-face, and some will be hybrid, with both face-to-face and online components. While we are making every effort to ensure that students return to a more traditional on-campus experience in the fall, we also must prioritize the health and wellbeing of our campus community. Our classroom enrollment has been adjusted based on current CDC guidelines. A new class period grid, which will be the same for all Rutgers-New Brunswick campuses, will allow for more time between class periods in order to reduce building occupancy during class changes and allow for more advanced cleaning protocals. Academic departments' consideration of safety precautions led to decisions to offer courses with traditionally large enrollments in an online format. Our faculty and academic department leaders have been very thoughtful in creating Fall 2021 course schedules that best meet the learning needs of their students and programs. Many of our academic programs offer both face-to-face/hybrid, as well as online sections of select courses, to provide students with greater flexibility. Bear in mind that these plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidance from governmental authorities.
  • When is the first day of classes for fall 2021?
    The fall semester begins September 1.
  • What technology will undergraduate students need for Fall 2021?
    Students will need to be able to participate in online meetings. Most students will have some online class meetings, and even those with fully face-to-face course schedules will likely want to take advantage of the online services and activities that will be offered in the fall. Therefore, students will need, at a minimum, high speed internet access, a laptop or desktop computer, and a built-in or external microphone and camera. Students on campus will have access to high-speed internet. Students should check with their specific school, courses, or majors regarding any additional requirements. Learn more from the Student Tech Guide, including information about computer purchases and free and discounted software, including Microsoft Office.

Registration/Academic Advising

  • What is APA Day?
    Academic Planning and Advising (APA) is a mandatory group advising program for first-year students; these will be virtual this year. Students will receive more information on the myRutgers dashboard and directly from the school they enroll in.
  • What is STAR Day?
    Students in Transition Advising and Registration (STAR) Day is a mandatory group advising and registration session for transfer students; these will be virtual this year. Students will receive more information on the myRutgers dashboard and directly from the school they enroll in.
  • When will I register for classes?
    • First-year students will have their first semester registration done for them by the first-year academic advisers at the specific school based on the information the student provides during the academic advising process. First-year students will receive their first semester schedule on August 20 for most schools.
    • Transfer students will register on their STAR Day for most schools. The school you have chosen to attend will provide information about specific STAR Day dates, which typically run May through August. Mason Gross School of the Arts and Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy do not host STAR Days because they advise and register their students individually. You will receive more information directly from your school.
  • Can I meet with an adviser individually?
    Due to the volume of enrolling students, most schools will only allow students to meet with advisers at their group advising program. Some schools may advise their students individually and those schools will reach out directly to students with more information.
  • I’m trying to register on WebReg but I don’t have access. What can I do?
    • First-year students will not have acces to WebReg until classes begin and they can make changes to their fall schedule during the add/drop period.
    • Transfer students will not have access to WebReg until their STAR Day or advising/registration appointment.
  • I'm not happy with my math placement, can I retake the math placement test?
    Any student who gets the desired placement the first time need not retake the math test. However, all other students should take the test a second time, as soon as possible. To unlock your 2nd math attempt, complete five hours of prep and learning modules in ALEKS. See retesting details on http://oirap.rutgers.edu/Math%20details.pdf. We use your highest score for placement purposes (most students improve their score on the 2nd attempt). This is especially important for students in degree programs with second year courses that require Calculus II, but not only for these students. The second test follows prep and learning modules based on the incorrect answers on the first test, and will determine if the individual student's issues are readily fixed with some brushing up. Students who take the test only once and get a lower placement than they hoped for are likely to spend extra time taking math courses.


New Student Orientation

  • What is the difference between academic advising and New Student Orientation (NSO)?
    At New Student Orientation (NSO), you will have the opportunity to become familiar with campus resources and make connections with current students, faculty, and staff before beginning classes. While NSO is not an academic orientation, it is an informative program and all students are expected to attend NSO to learn about all-things-Rutgers! All your housing, dining, financial aid, parking, and ID needs are covered during NSO. There are several formats and sessions including ones specific to some schools and programs and ones for transfer students only. Academic advising (APA or STAR Day) is mandatory and you must attend in order to register for your classes.
  • How do I sign up for New Student Orientation?
    Visit myRutgers and find the task for New Student Orientation (NSO) under the Required for Enrollment section. Note that you must upload a photo for your Rutgers ID card prior to being able to register for NSO.
  • Can I register for my fall classes during New Student Orientation?
    No, registration takes place during your academic advising program (APA or STAR Day).
  • What's a priority session?
    Priority Sessions are dates that include breakout sessions for select academic schools or affinity groups occurring immediately following your orientation session. These breakout sessions will allow you to hear important information from advisors/faculty from your school of registration or area of interest. Course registration does not occur during priority sessions meeting times; you will receive more information about academic advising directly from your academic college/school. Students in a school/program that has a priority session offered are strongly encouraged to attend a priority session. While students may attend any available orientation date, these priority sessions will feature a customized academic meeting with their school/college immediately following their orientation program.



  • I’m trying to create my NetID but I’m having some issues. Why is this happening?
    You need to wait 1 to 2 business days after you accept your offer of admission in order to activate your NetID. Sometimes there are issues with NetID activation if your birthdate was incorrect on your admissions application or if you have a prior affiliation with Rutgers under a different name (often a maiden name). In these cases, we will typically need to see identification in order to verify the correction.  You should contact us for assistance.
  • I activated my NetID and logged in to the myRutgers Dashboard but cannot access the Recommended for Enrollment section. What should I do?
    This typically happens when you activate your NetID before your $150 admissions acceptance fee has been processed. These sections should be available 3-5 business days after paying the fee.


myRutgers Dashboard

  • What is the myRutgers dashboard and how do I navigate it?
    After you accept your admissions offer, pay the $150 acceptance fee, and activate your NetID, you will have access to the myRutgers dashboard. The Required for Enrollment and Recommended for Enrollment sections will provide information about the required steps to become a Rutgers student. Other sections will be unlocked as you complete certain actions, such as registering for classes.
  • What should I do if I am locked out of the dashboard?
    You can look up your NetID or reset your password at netid.rutgers.edu. The OIT Help Desk can provide further assistance if needed.
  • Why are my classes displaying without the campus location? Why are my online classes not showing up on my schedule?
    Try using Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your browser.


Student Life

  • Will there be on-campus programs, events, clubs, and intramurals in Fall 2021?
    Rutgers–New Brunswick intends to accommodate on-campus programs, events, clubs, intramurals, and other on-campus activities during Fall 2021. Specific opportunities will depend on state and federal health guidelines. We will provide the campus community with updates. Students interested in learning more can visit the Get Involved website. Bear in mind that these plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidance from governmental authorities.
  • Will recreation facilities be available to students?
    The recreation centers will be open in Fall 2021. Rutgers–New Brunswick is currently working with state officials to determine the capacity levels that will be allowed, and to determine other measures that will be necessary to ensure adherence to COVID-19 safety requirements. Bear in mind that these plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidance from governmental authorities.


Web Browser

  • Which browser should I use when I access Rutgers University systems?
    Firefox and Microsoft Edge are the best options for our systems (i.e. Dashboard, WebReg, Degree Navigator, etc).  We discourage us of Google Chrome, which does not work well with our systems.


Final Transcripts

Undergraduate Admissions Operations Center
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Proctor Hall
65 Davidson Road, Suite 301
Piscataway, NJ 08854

  • Am I required to submit a high school transcript?
    • All 2021 high school graduates are required to send a final official high school graduation upon enrollment and completion of all in progress courses. Your final official transcript should include all final senior year grades and certify your graduation.
    • For transfer students a high school transcript will be required if you are applying with less than 12 completed college credits on your college transcript. Students in this category are typically in their first semester of college when applying. When completing our application, we will ask you to certify that you took the basic core curriculum in high school including courses in math, science - and for some schools – foreign language. Students who do not certify that they completed the required courses on their application may also be required to submit a high school transcript.
  • When is my final transcript due?
    • First-year applicants must submit a final offiicial high school transcript which includes certification of your diploma, as well as final grades for all courses in progress at the time of your admission by no later than July 1.
    • Transfer applicants must submit an updated transcript with spring 2021 courses and final grades by no later than June 1. If obtaining a degree the final transcript should also include certification of the degree. Students who are attending summer courses and/or having their degree confirmed in the summer must still submit an updated transcript with spring grades by June 1 and then will need to send a final transcript with any and all summer course grades and certification of their degree once all is recorded.



  • Will I be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19?
    With limited exceptions, all students planning to attend in the Fall 2021 semester must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Any vaccine authorized for use in the U.S. (currently Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson) is acceptable. It is understood that some incoming students may be 17 years old, and may only be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. Students planning to attend the fall 2021 semester may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or religious reasons. Students enrolled in fully online degree programs (typically defined as having no access to on-campus facilities), as well as individuals participating in fully online or off-campus Continuing Education programs, will not need to provide proof of vaccination. Rutgers is now offering vaccine clinics for on-campus administration of vaccines for faculty, staff, and students (see "Where can I get vaccinated" below). Should you have any questions about the vaccination program or Rutgers’ requirements, please see the FAQs at https://coronavirus.rutgers.edu/covid-19-vaccine/#forStudents. Note: The deadline for all vaccine requirements including COVID-19 is August 1 or 2 weeks prior to arrival on campus for programs that begin earlier. Bear in mind that these plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidance from governmental authorities.
  • I am an international student what additional information should I know about the COVID-19 vaccation requirement?
    We realize you may have many questions about this requirement. Please see the FAQs at https://admissions.newbrunswick.rutgers.edu/rutgers-fall-2021-updates-for-international-students, which will be supplemented as additional information becomes available.
  • I will be commuting. Do I still need to provide immunization information?
    Yes, all new students are required to comply with NJ State and university immunization requirements. The requirements and reporting processes are found on the Rutgers Immunization Portal. Note: All vaccine requirements including COVID-19 vaccine are due by August 1 or 2 weeks prior to arrival on campus for programs that begin earlier.
  • Do I need to provide immunization records if I am only taking online classes?
    If you are enrolled in one of the university’s fully online degree programs, submission of the immunization record is not required. Note that Rutgers-New Brunswick does not offer any fully online bachelor degree programs. Therefore, all other students attending Rutgers-New Brunswick are required to submit immunization records including COVID-19 vaccination, even if your classes for Fall 2021 happen to be all online, because you are enrolled in a traditional on-campus program.
  • Will there be a full-remote/virtual option for students who are enrolled in the fall, but aren't vaccinated?
    A full-remote virtual option will only be available for those enrolled in our degree-granting online programs. Unless you are enrolled in a fully online degree program at Rutgers, you cannot be assured of a fully remote/virtual option. Note that Rutgers-New Brunswick does not offer any fully online bachelor's degree programs. There will be several remote course offerings, but these will be offered for single courses rather than entire programs. It is important for students to understand that face-to-face, remote, and online course offerings will vary according to their course of study and confirmed through their course planning.  Some courses may be offered in a hybrid fashion, a mix of online and face-to-face class meetings, but the extent to which course sections offer a remote-only option will not be determined until late Spring. As room occupancy restrictions relax per State guidelines, our instruction delivery models will also change. Bear in mind that these plans may need to change based on factors like the progress of the pandemic and guidance from governmental authorities.
  • I am an international student how am I affected by the COVID-19 vaccination requirement?
    As an International student, we realize you may have many questions about this requirement. Please see the FAQs at https://admissions.newbrunswick.rutgers.edu/rutgers-fall-2021-updates-for-international-students, which will be supplemented as additional information becomes available.
  • Where can I get vaccinated?

    Rutgers University is now offer COVID-19 vaccinations to anyone. Students, faculty and staff with an NetID can make an appointment by visiting the Rutgers COVID-19 vaccine portal. The public can make an appointment by calling the Rutgers' Vaccine Scheduling Assistance Program at 848-445-3033, Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Appointments will be available at three campus locations: Camden: Campus Center, Lower Level, South ABC, 326 Penn St., Camden, Newark: Stonsby Commons, 91 Bleeker Street, Newark, and New Brunswick/Piscataway: Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, 160 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway  Each location has received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines; all three have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Appointments will be available to those who are registered on the Rutgers portal. After you make an appointment, the portal will direct you to the Consent Form and Fact Sheet about which vaccine you will receive. Vaccinations are by appointment only; no walk-ins will be permitted.


  • Will busing and transportation be offered?
    Rutgers buses will be operating at reduced capacity to meet health guidelines, and all riders will be expected to wear face coverings. In addition, only rear doors will be used for loading and unloading to minimize risk to the driver, and the routes will be modified to accommodate campus changes.
  • When can I apply for my parking permit?
    Students can begin to purchase parking permits in mid-August. Students will be assigned a lot on one of Rutgers’ five campuses. Permits can be purchased at the Parking and Transportation website, and multiple cars can be registered to your permit.
  • How much is a parking permit? Can a residential student have a car on campus?
    Commuter students can expect to pay $160.50 per year for a parking permit. Residential students will pay $150 per year.