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“Looking back, there was surely no other choice I would have made because Rutgers is everything I could have asked for.”
Jonathan's Story
Classical Languages and Philosophy
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Jonathan's Story

Why did I choose to transfer to or even attend Rutgers? Simple: one will not find a better value for an education. Rutgers’ philosophy department is ranked second in the country. Whether I am meeting one-on-one with my professors to discuss the Latin third declension or Descartes’ epistemology, I know that Rutgers was the right choice. After attending orientation, along with other transfer students, I knew that my new academic home was worth the effort.

The seemingly endless possibilities, both academic and social, made certain to me that Rutgers was the right university for me. Every day as I prepare for classes I know that placing the big “R” on my chest is more than just a statement of attendance, it is a badge of success and tradition.

Even as a commuter, I have found no issue in being active on campus. In fact, I have helped in the founding of a fraternity, currently serve as the Vice President of Risk Management, and belong to several clubs, including an off-roading club! I even write a biweekly column for The Daily Targum newspaper at Rutgers. As you walk down College Avenue or through the fields of the Cook/Douglass campus, or any of the campuses for that matter, remember that you will have at your disposal all the tools needed to succeed.

Rutgers isn’t just another two years for a transfer student, it’s a lifetime of memories and a pathway for becoming the person you want to be. You too can become part of a world-class university that will support you to unbelievable heights.