Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration: Hallmarks of the high-level academics at Rutgers–New Brunswick, where our vast diversity of people and ideas will revolutionize your horizons in countless ways.

Highly Ranked Academics

There’s so much education a pharmacist can do from a retail standpoint. I believe I can change more lives by serving marginalized groups.
Megha S.
6-year PharmD
I grew up in New Brunswick my whole life, surrounded by Rutgers, but I never really spent any time on campus. Being here now, it’s a completely different world.
Ezekiel M.
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Public Health and Latino and Caribbean Studies

Rutgers Students Go Global

Rutgers Global–Study Abroad offers competitive scholarship opportunities to students wishing to study abroad. Scholarship awards typically range from $1,000 for summer and winter programs to $4,000 for semester programs.

Rutgers Global Scholarships

I am now searching for more opportunities so that I can build myself further as a scientist.
Michelle A.
Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
This experience has honestly been so much more than I expected.
Joseph D.
Environmental Science

Innovative and Accessible Professors

What I’m most interested in is taking high-performance computing into the domain of medicine.
Shantenu Jha
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
I want to historicize the American Dream for students who are living it.
Louis Masur
Department of American Studies

Honors Communities

Honors Opportunities

Our Honors College and honors programs create small communities of close-knit peer groups and lots of interaction with professors and advisers. Outstanding admitted first-year students may receive an invitation to join an honors community.