Whatever you dream, there is more… more activities to join, more people to hang out with, more places to visit, more groups with shared interests. This is where you’ll learn to lead and make life-long friends.

Get Involved

Whatever activity you currently like to do or might like to try, we have it...and if we don't, you can start it!

Our goal here was to create an organization for people to come together and act on their passions.
Justin L.
Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Housing and Dining

Rutgers–New Brunswick offers a variety of housing options and a bounty of delicious choices when you're looking for a meal.

Everyone is always saying hi to each other and hanging out and I like that.
Paige C.

New Brunswick: A College Town

Visit New Brunswick and you'll find a vibrant college town with a dynamic mix of students, faculty, and professionals relaxing and mingling at bookstores, coffee houses, eclectic eateries, and a variety of shops. Arts and culture thrive with four-star restaurants offering a multitude of ethnic cuisines, comedy and music clubs, and five theaters.