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“When I think about Rutgers, the first word that comes to mind is “opportunity.” Rutgers truly has something for everyone. The sky’s the limit on what you can achieve here.”
Supply Chain Management and Psychology
Rutgers Business School
Rutgers University–New Brunswick


Clifton, New Jersey

Katie's Story

After interning for brands like Jackson Hewitt, Rand Luxury, and PNC Bank, Katie Scorziello landed her dream job as an International Financial Management Analyst at Bayer. Like many students at Rutgers–New Brunswick, fulfilling career aspirations was just one thing checked off her #RUcketlist.

Why did you choose Rutgers–New Brunswick?

When I saw the five-campus system at Rutgers, I realized I didn’t have to choose. I got the urban vibe from College Ave, the traditional football Saturdays on Busch, the highly-ranked business program on Livingston. I even found a farm on Cook. Rutgers has something for everyone and there’s something new happening every day.

How did you make Rutgers–New Brunswick feel like a smaller community given it is such a large school?

At any university, but especially a large school like Rutgers, involvement is the key to making the school feel like home. During my first year, I immediately joined clubs, got an on-campus job, and bonded with people on my floor. Once you get involved, you’ll see familiar faces everywhere you go and Rutgers won’t seem so big at all.

Did/do you participate in any philanthropic or community service activities on campus? 

One of my favorite community service events is called Senior Prom, which brings local senior citizens together with Rutgers students for a semi-formal dance party. Seeing how excited the seniors get to dress up and see the students every year is truly heartwarming and it makes all the planning worth it.


“Try going to at least one event each month that you wouldn’t usually go to!” 


Katie's other activities on campus: