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“What I like about Rutgers is that the community accepts everyone.”
Win's Story
Physics and Mathematics
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Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Win's Story

I have been working with the Center for Global Services, which hosts International Orientation. We try to make sure students will have enough information to take home to give them a good start in the U.S., so they will not get lost in such a big community. We want to make sure they prepare for American colleges as soon as possible. We host many fun events at the Center for Global Services to get people used to U.S. culture, including the holiday dinner event and the conversation partner program, where people can find a partner to practice a language they are learning.

Rutgers is a huge place. There are so many resources; as long as you look, you will find something for yourself. What I like about Rutgers is that the community accepts everyone. This is important for international students because we want a place where we can feel safe. Rutgers is a very diverse place; you can meet people from anywhere in the world who come here to study. As an international student myself, I can feel the support from campus. You can learn about other cultures here, and your own culture will always be accepted.